294115_2465943737956_1533159562_2783811_2083362968_a.jpgMy name is... Jennifer Nieves, I live in Aguada Puerto Rico and I am a mom of two beautiful children. I was raised in The Bronx New York, and since I was little; I loved to write and felt a passion when doing so. I grew up in an urban south Bronx School and being a "Latino" is not easy when there is so much mixed cultures; I started expressing myself through poems and I feel very united with a famous poet named Sylvia Plath and how she wrote poetry expressing her emotions. I feel very passionate when it comes to English and how we can help others with the language, I am a future teacher and I always visualize myself teaching and helping students that have no one to turn too. I know I will give my best and in my far future; I visualize myself being a school principal.

This module was a requirement for TEED 4020 class.
My module is about Poetry intended for 12th grade classes; Poetry is not only a manner to express yourself but
also to let people know your view of the world. I made this module to show students, how technology makes it fun
to learn a lesson and to have them learn about Poetry itself.



By the time I am finished students should be able to:

  • Read, Write and Interpret poems

  • Identify types of poetry

  • Identify elements of poetry

  • Write poetry

  • Envisionate authors view


  • Reading

  • Writting

  • LIstening/Speaking

Types of activities:

  • free writing
  • online publiching
  • cross word
  • word soup
  • test

Programs Used:

  1. word

  2. hot potato

  3. powerpoint

Standard Applied

|| Creativity and Innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

|| Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

|| Research and Information Fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

|| Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

|| Technology Operations and Concepts
Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.


Poetry is a making: a forming, creating, or the art of poetry, or a poem is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems; or, may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose poetry. It is published in dedicated magazines, books and many more places. Students this module is about POETRY and its the purest free writing form, you will love to write once you understand better the lesson. I am here to guide you to a better understanding of the topic and engage you to write, read and understand poems.


before I continue I want you to take a PRE-TEST on poetry, it is not for points, it’s just to have you challenge yourself, to discover how well do you really know about the topic. You will find yourself once you have opened the document, with a 10 question pre-test, it has a time limit of 10 minutes once you open it, the clock will be ticking so you most read and choose wisely; you may keep trying to find the correct answer but remember your score would be descending every time you don’t get the right answer. Good luck…

To initual my lesson, I want you to view this amazing powerpoint presentation, I found on the internet; I want you to not only read it, but to learn it; it is a complete guide on what we are going to learn throughout this year. Download it because it is going to be used to make more activities; using that same information found on the internet.

GAMES ON POETRY THIS LINK, has many games you can entertain yourself with and also learn at the same time.

Practice Activities day 2
click on the box, it will direct you to a croosword puzzle I want you to do.

sopa-de-letrasR TEST In this first test, you are to answer each question, there will be at least 4 different answers; choose wisely, it has 12 questions and there is a 20 minute time limit. Every time you get a wrong question and you keep trying; remember you lose percentage every time, you get a wrong answer but you may keep trying. rubric below hit the linked box DAY 3 ...There is an online resource that is amazing it has flash cards, games and out-loud word pronunciation; you are to explore that page and when you feel ready you are take the test that is enclosed, save it and send it to me via e-mail to poetry quiz hit this link to go to the internet site.

DAY 4 Homework - you have until Friday to send to me via e-mail, you are to Write and illustrate a poem, I will check it and send it back to you will some suggestions; you follow the suggestions and be prepare to present it to the class, you can use technology to help it look more interesting ( 50pts)

videos on poetry
video on figures of speech
( hit the LINK word)

homework rubric

rubric for all percentage test

|| score

Student Standards
NETS - reading, writing,listening and speaking for 12th grade


Book: Literature by Robert Di Yanni