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My name is Ms. Feliciano. I currently attend the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla. I am a English major in the UPR, my concentration is English education with multimedia in technology, for elementary and secondary, also a minor in educational technology. My Wiki is about Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 for sixth grade students. I elected PowerPoint for sixth grade because this course is a educational technology course and I wanted to keep developing and enforcing this technology in education. This module is mostly directed to a sixth grade audience of English as a second language in Puerto Rico.
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1. Objectives

My objective is to educate sixth graders on the proper use of Microsoft PowerPoint and innovating ideas. As well as motivate and interest students to use Microsoft PowerPoint for their everyday use.As well as explain this technology, PowerPoint’s highlights, use and integration for a sixth (6th) grade level.


PowerPoint is a presentation software. Considered one of the number 1 program, used worldwide for presentations.

With a little time and concentration, one can achieve anything.

Concentration has been defined by The University of Cambridge Counselling Service as "the ability to direct one's thinking in whatever direction one would intend"

2. Skills covered

• Messaging/Communications

• Technology development

• Electronic Presentation Skills

• Computer Network Knowledge

• Educational Copyright Knowledge

3. Types of activities

• Quizzes

• Games

• Worksheets

• Web lessons

4. Programs used

• Microsoft Office

• PowerPoint presentations

• PowerPoint Games

• PDF's

• HotPotatoes

• WebQuest/

5. Standards applied (general mention)

Content Standards Grade Level Expectations
Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico.
Departamento de Puerto Rico

• L/S.6.3

• R.6.1

• W.6.2

Technology Standards
Grade- Level Expectations

•T 6.1.6



Pre-Test timeandWord-cross puzzle

How well do you work with PowerPoint? I want to see how well you dominate PowerPoint. Your first task is to view this PowerPoint show on the basic knowledge of PowerPoint and then make a PowerPoint slide show of you own.


Make a simple five (5) slide PowerPoint presentation of yourself. Title it Me, Myself, and I.
This task will let me know how much you dominate PowerPoint. Also it will help you practice formatting, text and imaging on PowerPoint. You do not have to add affects or animations. Remember practice makes perfect.
Content must have five slides.

Slides are:

• The presentation is made up of slides. You can print hand outs, outlines and notes from these slide.

• Using Slide Master you can manage how many slides you want and organize each one.

• You can import what you have created in,Word and Excel. As well as photos, music, videos and more.

• On each slide you have the option to add; text, photo, clip arts, media clip, chart, table, SmartArt graphic
This is what your slide might look like.

First slide- Presentation/Cover page.
Second slide- One paragraph introduction of yourself
Third slide- Photo of yourself
Fourth slide- Ten (10) bullets of Adjective /describing word
Fifth slide- Your choice slide. Add of your family and/or interest.

Have you heard of WebQuest ?
Here is my WebQuest about Microsoft PowerPoint. On this site you can find, this task, process and evaluation.
Click on this icon to view my WebQuest on

Let us practice

What is PowerPoint

Things you might need for you presentation.

  • Computer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint : desktop applications
  • Computer
  • Projector: projecting rays of light . projects slides or film onto a screen.
  • White screen or SMARTboard : used for displaying a projected image a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected

Welcome to Microsoft PowerPoint

This desktop or computer software is a complete presentation program. PowerPoint is a simple computer programs.

It is formed of slides to organize and create an interactive slide show. Not only does this application make presentation, with the help of Microsoft Online, it also makes and designs games, tutorials, flyers, calendars and more. Customize your presentations, Complete with music or narrations. Free audio, clip-art and templates are available online from Microsoft.
PowerPoint has printing options for handouts and outlines.

Make your presentation into a web page for emailing purposes or as a promotion displayed.

Create successful, school, presentations, work or personal use.

Create and deliver dynamic presentations.

Share information effectively.

Protect and manage information.

You can find all these tools and projects in your file or menu bar.
Your saved presentations and work are in the open file.
To make a new presentation or any other interactive work, click on "new" and you will have the options to choose the style a job you want to make.


How does PowerPoint work?

This is the toolbar and buttons, here you find different function for your personal use on PowerPoint. You can edit and customize your presentation.


The most important aspect is found on the home toolbar.

• You can add a new slide
• Find the writing processor
• Copy, cut, and paste
• As well as arrange positions of your text.


The word says it all, you can insert almost anything with this toolbar.

• Add tables and charts
• Videos
• Word art, symbols and text boxes
• Clip arts, pictures, photo albums
• Actions like, hyper links and sounds
• Even headers and footers, date and time, and number slides


This tool gives the overall look for your presentation

• The design button helps setup your page and slides
• As well as colors, fonts and effects
• Background and templates; (pattern, model for others to copy,design or layout)


On this tool, you can give custom animations to everything in your presentation.

• Apply animations for text and pictures
• Transitions for each individual slides
• Over 50 custom animations for texts and pictures
• Over 50 transitions for slides
• Edit time, speed and motions
• Choose, apply to all or just one slide or text.
Transitions, animations and custom animations.

Slide Show

Without forgetting that PowerPoint is a presentation slide show. This function is the set up for the slide show.

• You can adapt the resolution
• Play the slide show
• Customize each slide
• Narrations for each slide and timing.


This button is very important for a professional look. Review your work.

• Correct your grammar
• Research books and thesaurus
• Translate your text to any language
• Add comments for reminders and extra tips
• Protect your presentation


How you view your work and how other see it.

• Add the ruler, gridlines and Message bar for your personal use
• You can make handout for others to view a physical copy of your work
• Customize the windows view


This tool helps customize your photos, shapes and text look.

• Change colors and shapes for each individual text.
• Change colors and shapes for each individual text.
• Give costume looks for each picture.
• Rotate and align everything to perfection.


Practice quiz

Microsoft Office online gives you the ability to make features other then presentations. Also provides free templates.
For example you can make;
Buisness Cards
games or tutorials
Invitations and cards
Labels and much more.
This is a game I made. For your second task, play the game and make a feature of your own. With what you have learned, you can choose any template, style and online feature for this task.


Rubric for: First task, simple five slide presentation. "Me, Myself and I"
Rubric for: Second task, PowerPoint Feature.

Rubric for quizzes



Thank you class for your time. Hope you enjoyed this module.

PDF What is a PowerPoint and Hints for a good presentation source: Website

PowerPoint Tutorial. This tutorial is copyrighted by the Department of Computer Science at The University of Rhode Island. It may be freely copied and used providing that acknowledgement is given to the URI Dept. of Computer Science and that it is not used for profit. Question should be sent to Dr. Vic Fay-Wolfe (

Concentration definition: ©2011 University of Cambridge Counselling Service
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Well I have been in constant update on my Module and just like an author I fell like it will never be truly finished. So here I leave my Wiki site module on PowerPoint for six grade. Just the basics.
Hope you enjoy and in any errors or critics email me.