My name is Monique Zoan Ruiz De Jesus. I live in Aguadilla,Puerto Rico. I have always dreamed of becoming a Teacher because it is my passion. I currently work at Suresa International School as a Substitute Teacher. I'm studding to become a Secondary English Teacher with Multimedia Technology at the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla.

This Wikispace module is created for 8th grade students. The lesson presented consists on personal pronouns; singular, plural and possessive pronouns.

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Pre-test: A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun. I, me, you, he, his, she, her, it, we, us, they, them. 40 pts

Second Day:

Click at the link "Personal Pronouns" This power point presentation will help you understand the concept of a pronoun.

Third Day:

For today you will be watching a video which shows how to modify a noun to a pronoun. Complete the assignment listed below. Enjoy the video and listen carefully!!!

Click on the youtube video.


Play the song "She Loves You" by the Beatles. You will make a tally mark every time they hear a personal pronoun. As soon as you finish listening and tallying the personal pronouns, you will e-mail me the correct answer at

This assignment is worth 10 pts

After watching the video you will have a matching quiz as an activity, to see how well you understood the concept of a pronoun. 10 pts

Fourth Day:

In this day your assignment will be writing 10 sentences using pronouns. This activity is worth 20 pts. E-mail me the assignment at











Last Day:

Instructions: Read each part of the test.

As soon as you finish the test, you will save the word document as your name and then e-mail the test at ****.

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Tally assignment
Matching quiz activity
Writing sentences

Teacher's section:

1. Objectives:

  • Students will be able to state the definition of a pronoun.

  • Students will be able to recognize pronouns and distinguish them from other parts of speech.

  • Students will be able to identify personal pronouns.

  • Students will be able to use the correct form of pronouns.

2. Skills:

  • Listening

  • Cognitive

  • Writing

3. Types of activities:

  • Review the different types of personal pronouns (singular, plural, and possessive)

  • Watch and listen at you tube videos.

  • Quiz, test

  • E-mail

4. Programs used:

  • You tube

  • PowerPoint

  • Hot Potatoes

  • Word Program

5. Standards:


The student effectively communicates to a variety of audiences in all forms of writing through the use of the writing process, proper grammar, and age appropriate expressive vocabulary.

W.8.2 Classifies and applies the parts of speech; uses vocabulary, accurate spelling, appropriate grammar and syntax in writing.

L/S.8.4 ...Draw conclusions from listening to a variety of texts and multimedia sources.

LoTi Level 2 - Exploration

At a Level 2 (Exploration) the instructional focus emphasizes content understanding and supports mastery learning and direct instruction. Teacher questioning and/or student learning focuses on lower levels of student cognitive processing (e.g., knowledge, comprehension) using the available digital assets.

Digital tools and resources are used by students for extension activities, enrichment exercises, or information gathering assignments that generally reinforce lower cognitive skill development relating to the content under investigation. There is a pervasive use of student multimedia products, allowing students to present their content understanding in a digital format that may or may not reach beyond the classroom.

Reflection: "Keep up the good work, you will see it at the end of the road!" Monique Ruiz

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