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Hi everyone!!!! I am Mrs. Méndez and I am currently studying to be an English teacher for Elementary schools, but I am also doing a minor on Secondary levels, in which I can teach students from 7th grade up to 12th grade. I am hoping to graduate soon from college and to find a job as a teacher, in which I can finally do what I really love.


Module's Description


  • The students will learn about the story elements.

  • The student will be able to identify the story elements within a story.

  • They will practice their learning with activity exercises.

My instructional module is about Story Elements for Second grade students. It emphasizes on the elements, such as: Title, Author, Illustrator, Characters and Setting. The specific skill that I want to covere in this module would be reading. The type of activities that I incorporated in the module are a Power Point story, Microsoft Word and a Power Point game. The programs that I used were: Power Point and Microsoft Word.

Content Standard:

  • R 2.4 Identifies and states the main character; establishes similarities and differences between characters; identifies the setting within narrative text.

Part I: Introduction to the topic of the module


Second grade students:

In this module you will learn about the story elements, in which they are: Title, Author, Illustrator, Character and Setting. You will complete a Power Point game of story elements in terms. Also, you will read the story of "The Three Little Pigs" and identify the story elements within context. At the end you will complete a Post-test to see how much you learned throughout this module. But before you start on these activities, you will answer the following Pre-test, so I can evaluate your background knowledge.


Part II: Content of the module

First: You will learn each of the vocabulary words and relate them to the images provided.

Elements of the short story:

Title - Starts with a capital letter and goes on top of the story.


Author - Is the person who writes the story.


Illustrator - Is the person who draws the scenes of the story.


Characters - it can be a person or an animal.


Setting - where the story takes place.


Second: You will find a Power Point game below. It is a multiple choice game, in which you will review all the concepts that you studied.


Let's play!!!!

Third: You will watch the following video that is based on a story that you are going to read. Then, you will read a story and you will identify the story elements within context. In other words, you will look for the characters and setting while you are reading the story.

The Three Little Pigs



Fourth: You will complete a Post-test based on what you have learned through this module. The Post-test consists on a multiple choice and two bonus questions based on the story that you read. GOOD LUCK!!!!


This section is on how you will be evaluated for your assignments.

10 points
Power Point Game
15 points
Reading (story)
7 points
13 points
45 points

Teacher's Section

Content Standard:

R 2.4 Identifies and states the main character; establishes similarities and differences between characters; identifies the setting within narrative text.


Technology Operations and Concepts

Students understand and use technology systems. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.

Credits and References

Kid's Pages for small ages. (Story)

The Three Little Pigs Video